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BOE| SES-imagotag 是实体零售的数字解决方案专家,也是电子价签系统的世界领军者,27年来深耕零售,我们旨在帮助您精准管理店铺。BOE| SES-imagotag现已开通官方微信公众号,搜索“BOE零售物联网”即可关注,里面有最新的企业动态和精彩的行业案例分享,敬请扫码关注!

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We're very proud of this major win in #Germany for our new Computer Vision and #AI solution #Captana.

Read our press release to learn more about our strategic partnership with HORNBACH Baumarkt AG⤵️

Join SES-imagotag and work for the global leader in #Retail #IoT solutions and help to build the history of our trailblazing business! Discover our multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, the source of our unparalleled growth! 🚀

SES-imagotag to expanded electronic shelf labelling #technology in @WalmartCanada stores. #IoT #tech #retail

SES-imagotag is proud to introduce the world's first 4-color e-Paper ESL generation, developed with E Ink!

This new leading-edge ESL technology will enable retailers & brand to better highlight marketing campaigns in-store

Read our press release now ⤵️

How are you liking #NRF2021 sessions? Up next: Exhibitor Big Ideas! A discussion on the future of #retail #tech and how #Covid19 changed everything with @msretail @sesimagotag and @OmniTalk!